DaniKB was started by Danielle Kim Biggar in early 2016. DaniKB is run & operated by two partners in life and in business while supported by a network of freelancers worldwide. We find that this has brought to our work a unique perspective, achieving unique results.



Danielle Kim Biggar is a self-taught web developer and programmer. She specialises in PHP and SQL. Developing websites and providing modern solutions to modern problems are her strong suit. Danielle sources, guides and mentors new talent through DaniKB, providing a safe learnign space where team members can grow, learn and share their ideas through valuable projects undertaken for clients. After gaining skills and knowledge for over 10 years, Danielle has developed and perfected a range of skills to augment the business offerings.

With a strong focus on providing value, Danielle has come to be trusted by her clients and freelancers alike, resulting in quality projects that not only look good but work great too. Danielle’s attention to detail ensure that no work delivered is anything sub par and always goes above and beyond client expectations.



Steven du Plessis has over 10 years experience in IT computer hardware and software. Steven supports DaniKB with a reliable IT structure. From building apps and beautiful and responsive websites to curating, designing and scheduling social media posts for optimal engagement, Stevens wide range of skills across the digital sphere has proven a strong asset to our clients.

Leveraging current technology and tools and with indispensable JavaScript, html and CSS skills, Steven is able to quickly and efficiently deliver quality results to our clients. Speed, accuracy and quality is his strong suit with disciplined time management keeps DaniKB running smoothly and clients happy.  He is also responsible for dealing with clients and managing projects and deadlines ensuring all work is delivered on schedule by our freelancers. His QA skills ensure that each project is delivered error free and to client spec.