My latest special offer

Domain, 2 email accounts & one page website


Please keep in mind, this offer serves to provide you with a basic, great-looking starter framework only for your online prescence. Once done, you will be able to do whatever you like with it. I will continue to offer maintenance, further support and updates at reduced rates.

Important to note:

1. This offer does not allow for meetings to discuss the project. If you would like to take standard pricing for a more customisable experiance, please pop me a whatsapp message. In the event that you feel a meeting is absolutely needed, an additional charge of R 650 will apply.

2. Minor customisations such as colour and font (google fonts) are available. Layouts will be customised by us to suit your business.

3. Logo included is basic text and icon and only one sample provided. As above, layout is customisable to a degree. Colours are fully customisable. The logo is subject to 3 changes only.

4. Your first fee for hosting and email will be due 12 months from registration for the next 12 months at a rate of R 375 a year.

5. Support on hosting and your website will be basic. Major support may be subject to additional charge.

6. This offer is only available for 48 hours following this message. In order to accept, proof of payment is required upfront. The standard value of this offer with me is R5000.

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Do you have your own images to include? If yes, email or wetransfer to If no, stock images will be used if needed

Kindly Remit payment to FNB, 62612507155, 250655 Ref (NB): Requested domain name