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Pro Trading Africa

Discover how Pro Trading Africa, a leading provider of comprehensive online education, one-on-one coaching, personal trading mentorship, and market analysis services, embarked on a transformative journey to enhance their online presence and user experience. This commitment has significantly improved website performance, user interface/user experience (UI/UX), and content optimization, making it easier for prospective subscribers to sign up and navigate the complex world of trading and financial markets.

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Estate Living

Estate Living is an online lifestyle magazine which I designed, built, rebuilt and consistently maintained over a period of 6 years, with refreshing updates every 2 years. This ongoing commitment helped them achieve and maintain fast loading speed, optimal performance, and good web design. I provided a comprehensive solution that included website redesign, optimization, and ongoing web and content maintenance.

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Romanos Artisinal Foods

Romanos, an artisanal foods supplier, approached me to establish a website that would allow customers to find resellers of their products and provide a platform for resellers to register and showcase their products. The website includes a reseller directory and registration portal, allowing customers to easily locate resellers and resellers to manage their account and showcase their products. The website is optimized for search engines and provides a smooth user experience, resulting in increased sales for both Romanos and their resellers.

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Take hold of your Destiny

Take a Hold of your Destiny, a business operated by a wellness coach based in Florida, USA, approached me to establish a website that would allow clients to book appointments and make payments online. The website was designed to align with the business’s brand identity and provide an exceptional user experience. The online booking system and payment gateway have made it easier for clients to schedule appointments and make payments, resulting in increased consultation bookings. The website also performs well in speed tests, providing a smooth user experience.

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Secure by Design

Secure by Design, a Residential Security Brochure publication, approached me to establish a user-friendly website with an e-commerce platform, courier, invoicing, and lead capture functionality. The website has been successful in increasing online visibility and sales, allowing the publication to be sold efficiently and effectively. The lead capture forms have also helped build a database of potential customers for future marketing efforts.

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Totally Kids ECD Center

Totally Kids, a suburban preschool, approached me to establish an online presence and develop a website that showcases their services, philosophy, and curriculum. I created an intuitive and modern website that is mobile-responsive and optimized for search engines. Initial feedback has been positive, and I expect that the website will attract more potential clients and lead to an increase in enrollment and growth in the future.

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Hydradet, a mining products company, approached me to establish a new website that would showcase their EDD solutions and technologies. I designed a visually appealing and search engine-optimized website that received positive feedback from their team and potential clients, resulting in increased traffic and business opportunities. The new website improved Hydradet’s online presence and effectively communicated their brand and value proposition.

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Graphic Design & Content Creation

A picture is worth a thousand words, and our team of graphic designers and content creators are here to help you make a lasting impression. From logo design to website content, our experts can create eye-catching visuals and compelling copy that will captivate your audience. Let us help you stand out from the crowd with our graphic design and content creation services.

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Email Marketing

Want to reach your customers directly? Email marketing is the way to go! Our team of experts can help you create email campaigns that are tailored to your target audience, increasing your chances of engagement and ultimately, sales. With customizable templates, eye-catching graphics, and persuasive copy, our email marketing services will ensure that your message is delivered loud and clear.

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Social Media Advertising

The most cost-effective way to reach your target audience. Our team of social media experts can create and run targeted campaigns on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, reaching millions of potential customers. With compelling ad copy and eye-catching visuals, our social media advertising services will drive conversions and increase your ROI.

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