How to play

  1. Sign up to our weekly newsletter
  2. In each newsletter, you will find a word that will form part of a final clue
  3. Contained in some of the articles, will be clues to solving the puzzle and where to submit your solution

How to win

  1. Find the key to submitting your solution in our weekly insights
  2. Submit your solution
  3. The first to submit their solution wins

What you win

  1. A free domain and 1GB hosting for 1 year
  2. 10 business emails
  3. A web optimized rebrand or logo (if needed)
  4. A custom built website including up to 5 pages and
      1. Newsfeed capabilities
      2. E-commerce capability
      3. Payment gateway
  5. 3 months free maintenance including 4 content pieces a month

Terms and Conditions

  1. In order to qualify you must have interacted with us on social either by reacting, sharing or commenting on our content
  2. Creative control of the website remains under our control although you will be consulted on your general vision and requirements
  3. Any additional requirements not included above may be subject to an additional quote.


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